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"Joy is the net of love by which you can catch souls."

Mother Teresa from Quotable Women


  About this Section

Half the battle in achieving a happy existence in life is tied up in our attitude and how we view and respond to a particular situation.

If you struggle with a disabling condition, you will undoubtedly have many opportunities to decide how you process information, the ups and downs that come your way.

Having suffered with a chronic medical condition most of my childhood and adult life, I know how difficult it can be to maintain a positive attitude in times of pain and stress. Like when you really and truly just want to "give up" and call it a day, when your only goal is to find a way in that particular moment to...to...to just keep hope alive--as Jesse might say.

Perhaps that is why I keep a lot of books around, and not just any books, but those that are filled with lots of inspirational quotations, you know, just in case I ever need a boost in my attitude.

Some of these quotations from my collections have been placed on the right and left hand side of the main section of this site; they are just an effort by me, your editor, to help you stay focused on the positive, to the extent that you are able.

Where time permits, I will add a brief review of the work.

So if you too have a favorite inspirational quote (or quotes) that help you get through the day, send it to me here. Don't be selfish with it. Because who knows...it just might make someone's day:)-

 Inspirational Quotes Archives

Honesty/Truthfulness/Simple Pleasures/Courage



"The real things haven't changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful, to make the most of what we have, to be happy with simple pleasures, and to have courage when things go wrong."


Laura Ingalls Wilder, From Quotable Women

Laura Ingalls Wilder, From Quotable Women

Editor's Comment (i.e. Lo's take on this one): Quotable Women: A Celebration is a 95-page book, filled with inspirational writings by women. It is fully illustrated with wonderful paintings and artistic expressions, also by women. With only one or two or three quotations per page, and the fine artwork placed opposite each quotation page, it really does put you in a meditative state as you reflect on the meaning of each entry. Topics include: Being a Woman, Ambition and Challenge, Love and Relations, Creativity, Joy, Maturing, Dreams and Spirituality. Recommended.

On Patience 

 "Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you, but not in the one ahead."

Bill McGlashen


"I do not object to people looking at their watches when I am speaking. But I strongly object when they start shaking them to make sure they are still going."

Lord Birkett

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